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Lou Basinal


Healthcare Operations Management Associates was born out of the need to improve the patient experience and outcomes of care recipients in home care, home health care, adult care homes, independent living, assisted living and long-term care communities.

With the greying of the population, there is growing need for health care businesses to provide services that promote wellness, improve quality of life, improve patient and family engagement while making a good profit and helping their communities with jobs and opportunities.

At HOMA, we help and collaborate with healthcare businesses to design, launch, redesign, relaunch, execute and operate efficiently and effectively with measurable outcomes and business satisfaction. We provide health care business consultation, executive leadership service, nursing leadership, assisted living wellness management, and executive healthcare staffing.

Our clients are adult care home, assisted living communities, home caregiving companies and long-term care communities.

Our clients come to us to learn how to get more clients, increase their profits, build client engagement, train their teams, lead their teams, develop services, find top leadership and build family friendly companies.

We help our clients launch, relaunch and improve their companies to build REPUTATION, RESULTS & REVENUE.

We thank you for the privilege of your time and we look forward to working with you and your team.

You can reach me at: (833) 289-2819 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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