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With compassionate care and support, we ensure your overall wellness at home.

If you are receiving treatment, recovering from surgery or an illness, or deciding where to spend your days, you can always opt to stay at home.

Allow us to bring you closer to the care you deserve without going far. We have a wide range of home health services you can rely on to keep you active, improve your quality of daily living, and help you achieve happiness and wellness.

If you have a complex health condition that requires constant supervision and the professional touch of an expert, you can avail of our skilled nursing services. These services keep you in top shape while ensuring you get the proper medical help without the need to travel to a healthcare facility.

Our skilled nursing services include:
Comprehensive Assessment and Observation of the patient’s condition
Patient and Family Teaching Medication Management
Ostomy Care
Catheter Care Infusion Therapy
Pre-Op & Post Op Care Pain Management
Protime/INR/Labs Wound VAC and Wound Care

Our home health aide’s job is to:
Assist with bathing and personal hygiene
Help patients in their daily functions
Ensure household safety
Provide clients with the needed company for mental growth
And more

Our Physical and Occupational Therapy
Coping with physical challenges because of an illness, an aging condition, or major surgery can be stressful and exhausting. Fortunately, our physical and occupational therapists can aid you during these challenging times. The focus of these services is to help you maintain independence and self-reliance, all while improving your mobility and alleviating your physical pains.

Our physical and occupational therapy services include:
Access and evaluation of the patient’s condition and environment
Therapeutic exercises to restore muscle function and range of motion
Training in the use of Wheelchair, Walkers, and Artificial Limbs
Fall prevention Gait/ Strength Training
Help patient learn to better perform activities of daily living
Help with upper body exercises and getting in/out of the bathroom

Speech Therapy
Communication is an integral part of our social development and growth. When this aspect of our life is compromised because of certain health challenges, it can be difficult to navigate our way through life. Our speech therapy services are a big help in this particular area.

Our speech therapy includes:
Treatment of swallowing issues
Care and rehabilitation for those who may have had strokes and other conditions to enhance speech and communications skills and other cognitive issues

Our medical social workers focus on:
Community Resources
Long Term Care Issues

Managing your health conditions isn’t easy, and we understand the need for someone knowledgeable in the field to guide you during these challenging circumstances. We can work closely with your family and your primary healthcare team, so we can give you a care experience that doesn’t only cater to your needs but also brings relief and comfort to your loved ones.

We connect you to a medical team that matches your health requirements, provides emotional stress counseling for you and the family, educates you on various healthcare options, and helps you navigate the home healthcare process before and after services are rendered.

You can reach me at: 916-693-6677 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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